Monday, 27 November 2017

NCC's Do-Not-Disturb Code Activated By Over 10 Million Subscribers.....See Why

The Do-Not-Disturb (DND) made available by the agency have been activated by over 10 million subscribers, says Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC).

Do-Not-Disturb service allows all subscribers to opt-out of any unsolicited messages like Value added services, Promo, Calls, Short message services and any other marketing messages.

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Prof. Umar Danbatta, The Executive Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the commission, said only said only 500,000 telecom subscribers had activated the NCC’s 2442 short code before the commencement of the campaign.

“We embarked on the campaign specifically with regard to two important issues. One is, Do-Not-Disturb facility as we had received a lot of complaints that many consumers received unsolicited text messages and for which they were unfairly being charged. We dedicated a facility that will stop those messages from coming to the handsets of the consumers.
“We have been sensitising consumers to take advantage of this facility by sending STOP to 2442. Prior to the commencement of the campaign, less than 500,000 Nigerians activated the code; as I am talking to you now, close to 10 million Nigerians have activated it”,
Danbatta said.

He also revealed that 622 is available for customers to lodge complaints with regard to quality of service and other related services.

"There’s also another important aspect of the campaign, educating the consumers on the existence of emergency call centres. One is being constructed in each state of the federation in order to provide reprieve to people in distress; those who require ambulance service, fire-fighting services; and those in need of attention from the police, using another toll-free line, 112, " he said.
How To activate NCC Shortcode

Send Stop to 2442  to avoid unsolicited messages. .

       However, newly Value Added Services Aggregator Framework has been released by the commissions, service providers are allowed to create a database for phone numbers of subscribers on the Do-Not-Disturb list and no adverts would be sent to the telephone numbers on the database.

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On the other hand, the commission said operators and content service providers were free to create opt-in database for registration of telephone numbers of subscribers who were not opposed to advertisements.


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