Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Instagram Now Allow Users Remix Photos/Pics - Letting You Draw On Friends Pictures

Instagram now lets users remix the photos their friends send them through Instagram Direct.

If you view a photo from a friend in Direct, and you tap the camera icon at the bottom you capture a reply. The sticker includes a sticker of the image you are replying to. The sticker can be resized or moved, your own text, stickers and drawings can be inserted on top. Once you send your reply in the way, your recipient remix your remix and send you that above in the picture.

Additionally, you now have control over replay; you can pick one view for the messages you only want to see once or even allow reply.

Now, the photos and videos you send will allow replay, you need to tap and hold to pause. Luckily, all these features and updates are now available for iOS and android users.

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Along with the editing feature, which Instagram is calling "remixing," Instagram has also given users the option of sending a photo or video that can be viewed just once or on loop. Instagram says both additions are available today.

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