Monday, 27 November 2017

How To View/See Photos On Facebook Free Mode - Easiest Tutorial.

Facebook recently launched a new way to access the Facebook app and website for free (without using data) for all their users but they are only restricted in viewing photos which has splash a lot of complaints online and that’s why I had to publish this tutorial.
With this tutorial, you will be able to view photos on Facebook while on Free mode(Freebasics). With the aid of this tutorial you'll be able to turn on and use “Facebook data mode” as “free mode”.

The app to be used is “Facebook Lite” which is popularly known as the light version of Facebook. It can perform all the functions of the normal app but some of its features are optimized to use less data and phone storage space.

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How To View/See Photos On Facebook Free Mode 

• Download Facebook Lite App by clicking here, or if you already have, you can proceed.
• Open or launch the Facebook Lite app, switch on your data connection, login your Facebook details and close or exit the app.
• Then go to your PhoneSettings>>Apps>>Locate Facebook Lite App and “clear cache and storage”.
• Re-launch the Facebook app and it will log you in automatically and you will be able to View Photos in Data Mode without using data.

Note: You cannot watch video or click on external links. You only have access to the Facebook properties like seeing pictures, commenting, chatting, view profiles and other things.

Encountered any difficulties?, feel free to comment and please don't forget to share. 

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